Hello and welcome to my humble portfolio website. .

I am historian of art gone bad. Somehow I always end up managing teams- not that it's something I love to do, but seems to be my karma. Started working with computer graphics at University of Lodz, back then with digital reconstruction of objects of art. Sadly, scientists were not (and still are not) paid well enough to allow for anything else then survival on scraps so I ended up working as an graphic designer, initially for architectural studios, later educational multimedia companies and finally around 1989 I got my fist "real" gaming industry job. In 2004 I got onboard of Turbosquid ship and I am working with those guys up to now.
I used to be managing a first line support. I had a pleasure of building and managing polish support team, starting from just one person and ending with fully fledged team, capable of taking care of entire basic support. To be frank  I am not quite sure how to describe what is my present function. Probably the best term would be "Mr. Fix It". I am working with creation of 3d content using various (usually in some way "experimental") software packages, often moving to other types of tasks, form conceptual to HR, when there is a need for it.


Team management. Capability of working with creative individuals (sometimes even INDIVIDUALS) and pulling off a trick of making them provide content in time. Apart from that quite effective as a rank-and-file artist, working with both traditional and digital media. Fluent English and Russian (polish is my native language).

PS: At the moment some of the links might not be working. I am currently re-designing this website. I am sorry for inconvenience.